SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



Contact continued until day light and resulted in 33 MVA, 1 PW (WIA), 12 AK-47s, 2 RPGs, and numerous items of equipment captured. Nine USWIA (E), 10 US WIA (M), one M551 combat lost, one M113 combat lost, one M113 moderately damaged. All 5 men on Recon/Killer Team III, fightingas infantry were WIA, 2 (E), 3 (WIA) (M).

     (3) 081323H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received four rounds of 120mm mortar. Incoming mortar rounds were coordinated with the  landing of a CH-47. Negative casualties or damage. Enemy position unknown.

     (4) 091503H-111300H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received 13 rounds of 120mm mortar fire from vicinity YD003635. Artillery and gunships engaged the suspected enemy location with unknown results. All of the rounds impacted inside the perimeter. Results: 1 ARVNWIA (E), 1 ARVN WIA (M) the helicopter pad sustained minor damage.

     (5) 13 0012H-130105H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received seven 120mm mortar rounds, all of which landed inside of the perimeter. Gunships and artillery were fired on the suspected enemy location vicinity YD [illegible] with unknown results. 2 US WIA (E).

     (6) 13 [illegible] H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. A CH-47 received a direct hit from a 120mm mortar while attempting to land at FSB FULLER. The aircraft crashed on the landing pad and immediately caught fire resulting in 6 US WIA (E), and I US MIA. The incoming continued throughout the day resulting in additional casualties: 1 ARVN KIA, 2 US WIA (E), and3 ARVN WIA (E). The incoming also destroyed one small arms ammunition bunker and 2 81mm mortars. Gunships, artillery and air strikes placed on suspected enemy locations vicinity XD970623. The body of the MIA was later discovered in the CH-47 wreckage.

    (7) 141100H-141600H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received 10 rounds of 120mm mortar fire. 1 US WIA (E), 1 ARVN WIA (E). Artillery and gunship fire engaged suspected enemy positions vicinity YD029634with unknown results.

     (8) 151144H-151740H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received 10 rounds of 120mm mortar fire all of which impacted within the perimeter. Rounds were received each time an aircraft approached the area. There was 1 US WIA (E). (MACV), 1 ARVN WIA (E), and (1) 105 howitzer destroyed. Artillery and air strikes and gunships fired on several possible enemy locations with unknown results.

     (9) 180915H Apr 70, YD018594, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received one round of 120mm mortar fire as a CH-47 was lifting off from an LZ. The aircraft was not hit. No precise determination could be made as to the enemy mortar position, however, artillery fire was placed on several possible enemy locations with unknown results. At 181728H Apr 70, FSB FULLER received 6 more rounds of 120mm mortar fire, all of which impacted inside the perimeter. Radar detected an enemy mortar position in the vicinity XD980622 upon which artillery fire was placed with unknown results. The latter incoming was received approximately two (2) minutes after a CH-47 helicopter left the LZ and received neither casualties nor damage.







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