SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



     (10) 201430H Apr 70, YD183432 to YD189425. 2/B/1-11 found a hootch 30x12x5. Beneath the hootch was a bunker of approximately the same dimensions with four feet of overhead cover. Another hootch of about half the size of the first one was found 100 meters to the north. Laundry was found on lines near the hootches, cooking pots, miscellaneous nedical supplies, and an NVA poncho were also found in the area. Two explosions believed to have been RPG rounds were heard 200 meters to the east during the sweep of the area.

     (11) 202024H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received 8 rounds of 120mm mortar fire, all impacted inside the perimeter. Artillery and gunships fired on the suspected enemy location in the vicinity of XD982621. with unknown results. 1 US WIA (M).

     (12) 21[time illegible]12H to 211659H Apr 70, YD190423. B 1/11 conducting a sweep in the vicinity of the above grid found two large bunkers, and three small hootches. A sketch of the area was found on a forked stick in front of the hootches. The location of 10 booby traps were plotted on the sketch. Two of the booby traps were detonated by friendly personnel prior to finding the sketch. Six additional booby traps were found and destroyed. Two VC KIA and two AK-47s were found in the area, the NVA were determined to have been killed as a result of the two explosions (their own booby traps) heard on 20 April (Reference paragraph 27 above). Numerous documents, a diary, a personnel letter, three Chicom grenades, 309, 200$ SVN, miscellaneous mess gear and an NVA pith helmet were also found. Friendly casualties: 1 KIA (KCS), 6 US WIA (E), and 1 US WIA (M). The information extracted from these captured documents resulted in the largest intelligence discovery of the past year for the 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (M). Information extracted indicated that one of the VC KIA, Mr. Luong Van Cong was the Economic Director and Finance Minister of the Trieu Phong District, Viet Cong Infrastructure. A series of ledger entries indicated that  the VC hadover 5.3 million piasters for expenditures  for rice, foodstuffs, medicines, clothing, and supplies. Another ledger entry listed approximately 1.7 million piasters as issued to the villages for distribution to villagers. Rosters of villagers names who purchase and sell rice to the VC were also included. GVN began a massive round-up as a result of this captured information.  The following results have been achieved to date as a result of this important intelligence discovery:

  Trieu Phong District - 21 Detainees,   128,000$ SVN    
  Dong Ha District - 48 Detainees,   114,000$ SVN    
  Mai Linh District - 26 Detainees,   104,000$ SVN    
  Hai Lang District - 19 Detainees,   14,000$ SVN    

Total results: 2 VC KIA, 2 AK-47s, 90 rounds A_47 ammunition, 3 AK-47 magazines, 3 Chicom grenades, 699,000$ SVN captured and 114 VC suspects detained.  GVN operations based on this intelligence are continuing as of the date of submission of this report.

     (13) 240911H Apr 70, YD179454. TF 1-11 Recon Team I found a grave containing 1 NVA body. The individual had been killed by small arms fire.

      (14) 241621H-241726H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received seven rounds of 120mm mortar fire. All of the rounds impacted within the perimeter.







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