SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



Artillery fire and gunship fire was placed on several possible enemy locations northwest of FSB FULLER with unknown results. Negative friendly casualties or damage.

     (15) 300055H-301235H Apr 70, FSB FULLER, YD018593. At 300055H Apr 70, a trip flare detonated on the western slope of the D 1/11 perimeter on FSB FULLER. A green star cluster was observed by 2/D/1-11 north northeast of FULLER vicinity Hill 314 as several NVA were observed in the wire. Fifteen 120mm mortar rounds then slammed into the FULLER perimeter. The NVA fired AK-47, RPGs, and hurled satchel charges into the defensive wire. As contact continued the attacking force was estimated to be an NVA company attacking from three sides, the northeast, north, and the northwest and supported by 120mm mortars and RPGs. Artillery fired continuous illumination and HE. As the flareship and gunships arrived D 1/11 defenders were hurling volleys of hand grenades over the walls. AS the gunships began their run a red star cluster was observed from Hill 314 at which time the attackers began pulling back over a ridge line, to the northwest. The gunships received automatic small arms fire throughout the contact. At 200102H Apr 70, D 1/11received an IR that FSB FULLER would be attacked again in 30 minutes. At the time indicated FULLER received 11 more rounds 120mm mortar. Q4radar on FULLER indicated the enemy mortar location as XD988616. Artillery was fired into this area throughout the night. At 0745H FULLER received 6 122mm rockets which impacted outside the perimeter on the northwest ridge vicinity YD019608 at this time moaning from NVA wounded was heard coming from the vicinity YD017597. On checking the perimeter the following morning D 1/11 discovered 5 trip flares had been tied down and neutralized. There were 2 US WIA (M), 16 NVA KIA, 3 (KBA) numerous human organs and body parts indicating heavy casualties, 4 AK-47s, 1 RPG-2 launcher with 1 round, six bamboo bangalore torpedoes, 40 Chicom grenades, 13 rucksacks containing 200 pounds of satchel charges, and propaganda leaflets written in English captured. All NVA were wearing wristlets and anklets for towing off their dead and wounded. Uniforms were mixed camouflage shorts and T shirts, green utility pants rolled up with short sleeved utility shirts. The NVA did not appear to be fresh troops and were believed to be part of the 27th NVA Regt. At 30125H FSB FULLER received two more 120mm mortar rounds, which impacted within the perimeter. Artillery was placed on suspected enemy locations in the XD9861 grid square, determined by radar to be the origin of the mortar fire. There were negative friendly casualties from these rounds.


Phase IV: AO HAI LANG: During the period 18 June 1970 to 9 July 1970, one company from TF 1-11 operated with two companies of RF in the vicinity of HAI LANG. A forward CP with a section of 4.2 mortars deployed to the HAI LANG District Compound. Significant events in the vicinity of HAI LANG were:







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