SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



     (1) 180830H June 70, YD3390465 and YD397463. A 1/11 and RF companies 121 and 175 initiated combined operations in HA LANG District following a vehicular road march by A 1/11.

    (2) 180830H June 70, YD417481. 1-11 Forward CP and E 1/11 4.2” Mortar Section established a Forward CP at HAI LANG District Compound in support of the combined operations.

   (3) 202049H June 70, YD388442. 3/A/1-11 claymore mechanical ambush detonated. A sweep of the area revealed one blood trail and body drag marks. He area was swept with negative results

     (4) 282005H June 70, 1/4/A/1-11 and q squad of 2nd platoon RF Company 175 moving southwest to an ambush position made contact with an estimated NVA platoon. The enemy was immediately engaged with organic weapons, artillery and gunships. “Basketball” flareships arrived on station and provided illumination throughout the night. The area of contact was searched at first light revealing 3 platoon size locations, various blood trails and body drag marks, 5 RPG boosters, 4 x 1/4 pound satchel charges and 5 NVA pith helmets. The Province Reconnaissance Unit from Quang Tri Province Headquarters and a tracker team from the 77th Combat Tracker Detachment continued the search after the departure of A 1/11and RF Company 175 with negative results.

    (5) 020635H July 70, YD413413, 1/A/1-11 observed 8 to 9 NVA/VC approximately 900 meters to the south. The enemy was quickly engaged with organic weapons, at which time the enemy fled to the southwest. Gunships and artillery fire were employed on suspected enemy locations. A squad from 1/A/1-11 searched the area after supporting fires were lifted. Footprints leading to the southwest were found and followed with negative results.

      (6) 040658H July 1970, YD343448. A/4-12 had a claymore booby trap detonate while one person was in the process of retrieving it. The individual was wounded in the arms, legs, and chest, and medevaced to 18th Surgical Hospital. Further inspection of the devices revealed they had been tampered with; 3 were stolen and the claymore that detonated was set on the battery. There was no evidence of command detonation when a search of the area was conducted.

     (7) 062300H July 70, YD361460, 3/D/1-11 with platoon of RF Company 915 discovered a cache consisting of the following items: 10 pounds of meat, salt, and sugar, 1 set of individual clothing, 50AK-47 rounds, 1 torn shirt, soap, and 1 plastic bag.

      (8) 070905H July 70, YD359472. 3/D/1-11 sighted 6 VC/NVA in the vicinity of YD359479, moving into the village. The platoon was not close enough to engage with small arms fire, and could not move from their ambush position without detection. The area was observed throughout the night by starlight scope night observation devices, and swept at first light. The trail used for infiltration was discovered, and an OP set in the area.

     (9) 082133H July 70, YD386432, C 1/11 received 6 to 10 82mm mortar rounds which impacted 500-1200 meters from their position.







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