SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



Counter-mortar artillery fire was placed on the suspected firing sites at YD383429. A search of the area revealed negative results.


AO GREEN: While operating in AO GREEN the rifle companies continued to fragment, breaking down into platoon and squad size elements targeting enemy lines of communication, caches, and base camps. TF 1-11 employed 6 man Recon Teams from the Reconnaissance Platoon in a combination of economy of force and surveillance and ambush operations. The Recon Teams were inserted and extracted by various methods, but normally through the use of helicopters. False inserts and extracts, false preparations of landing zones, and stay behind operations added deception to the operations. At times there were teams from P Co, 75th Rangers that were OPCON to TF 1-11 and operated in our area. Along with Battalion Recon Teams they assisted in route reconnaissance teams. From 9 July 1970 to the end of the reporting period one company of TF 1-11 has been securing FSB HOLCOMB. In addition to the one complete rifle company there is one platoon of 155 (SP) howitzers from 5-4th Artillery, a searchlight team, a sensor readout team, a communications retransmission section, and a member of 407th RDD. The Battalion Forward CP was displaced to FSB HOLCOMB on 10 July 1970. The following significant events have occurred in AO GREEN:

     (1) 100600H June 70, QTCB and Camp Roberts received a total of 14 rounds of 122mm rocket fire impacting vicinity BDE Headquarters and 1-11 LOC pad. Recon Team 3 observed the launching grid as YD262433, and immediately placed artillery fire and gunships on the suspected site.

     (2) 101030H June 70, YD263438. 1/B/1-11 was helilifted into the above listed location where a rocket firing site was discovered. A sweep of the area revealed 12 freshly dug foxholes, circular in shape and 2 feet deep. Numerous barefoot and sandal prints were in the area, along with 2 plastic fuze well plugs, 4 plastic warhead shipping plugs, and 3 plastic mortar and fin assembly shipping plugs, and 3 plastic mortar and fin assembly shipping plugs. A trail led from the firing position 100 meters north to a partially destroyed brick structure., from this position the trail led to a boat landing site on the river at YD262439. The personnel firing the rockets utilized boats as a means of conveyance into and departing the area.

     (3) 251220H June 70, YD205435. During the insertion of Recon Team 1 the C&C aircraft observed one individual moving south. The individual was engaged with organic UH-1H armament and gunships. The area was searched with negative results.

     (4) 251655H June 70, YD223425. 1-11 Recon Team 1 observed two individuals. The gunship on station also observed 3 additional personnel in a foxhole at YD221422. Gunships immediately engaged the target. A search of the area by Recon Team 1 revealed 1 bunker 2 X 4 consisting of 155mm canisters with overhead cover.







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