SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



Phase V:


     (1) 130900H July 70, A 1/11 was helilifted from YD198398 to Camp Roberts when Ranger Team 18 made contact with an unknown size enemy force at YD102424. A 1/11 was diverted to act as a reaction force and maintain contact with the enemy. Following insertion into an LZ in the vicinity of contact, the unit swept northward until two blood trails were discovered heading southwest. The blood trails were followed to YD103422, where 1 badly wounded NVA was captured. Initial interrogation by the Kit Carson Scout of Ranger Team 18 revealed the PW was a member of a 10 man reconnaissance element. One other NVA had been killed in the initial contact with Ranger Team 18, and the remaining 8 were attempting to escape and evade the area. Captured items included the following: 1 rucksack, 1 canteen, 1 pair binoculars, 3 AK-47 magazines, 1 AK-47 with folding stock, and 1 pith helmet. The area was swept until 1630 hours, when A 1/11 set up their RON.

     (2) 141833H July 70, YD110416. 2/B/1-11 while sweeping north of the Thach Han River at the above location found a raft 20 x 7 constructed of bamboo cane and 155 canisters. Also a vine strung across the river with 2 155 canisters secured in the middle as floats. A short distance away firing positions, 13 empty 100 pound rice bags, a   gallon  container of cooking oil, and 3 pairs of boots were found. 2/B/1-11 covered the area with manned and claymore mechanical ambushes with negative results.

     (3) 180715H July 70, YD100424. 3/2/2 ARVN while operating OPCON to 1-11 Inf had a claymore mechanical ambush detonate. A sweep of the area produced 1 blood trail and 1 AK-47. The blood trail was followed 500 meters to the east where it ended in a stream and 1 retracting stock PPS drum fed submachine gun was found.

    (4) 190840H July 70, YD099462. D 1/11 while sweeping northwest of FSB HOLCOMB observed 5 NVA/VC at YD097465. The individuals were engaged by small arms fire, artillery and gunships. Four NVA bodies were found a short distance away, one which was identified by a Kit Carson Scout an NVA officer.

     (5) 191910H July 70, YD094462. D 1/11 sighted 4 to 6 cooking fires at the above grid. Artillery fire immediately fired into the area and 2 secondary explosions were observed.

   (6) 211825H July 70, YD188379. 1/B/1-11 while moving into their RON exchanged small arms fire with 2 NVA/VC. The enemy fled to the southwest. At the same time a claymore mechanical ambush detonated killing 1 NVA. A further sweep of the area revealed 2 VC killed by small arms fire. Artillery blocking fires were placed to the south to prevent the escape of additional enemy forces. The following equipment was captures: 1 folding stock AK-47, 1 pith helmet, 1 AK-47 magazine,1 US Marine survival knife, 2 US ponchos and web gear, 1 NVA water proof bag, 2 bag of boiled rice.







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