Inclosure 2 (Medical Support) to Letter, Headquarters, 1st Battalion,
11th Infantry, 22 July 1970
SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action     
                   Report (Operation GREEN RIVER)  (U)



1.  The medical platoon of the 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry was located at Camp Roberts, Quang Tri Combat Base for the duration of the operation.


2.  The Aid Station provided medical support for the combat troops of the 1st Bn 11th Inf while maneuver companies were located at Camp Roberts on maintenance and training missions. While in the field they were supported by their attached aidmen who recommended transportation to Camp Roberts for problems which required higher medical facilities. Except for emergencies this was generally accomplished with resupply vehicles, either helicopters or trucks. In order to insure high quality care being provided by the aidmen training and review sessions were conducted while their assigned maneuver companies were conducting maintenance and training at Camp Roberts. When the medical situation warranted it patients were referred to B/75th Medical Company and 18th Surgical Hospital where further treatment or evacuation was carried out as required.


3.  The following summarized the casualties of the operation.


     a.  On 100900H May 1970 two men were killed in the crash of a medevac helicopter on Dong Ha Mountain, individuals belong to D/1-11.

      b.  On 091700H July 1970, 1 man from B/1-11 drowned while swimming in Joes Creek under supervision while his unit was providing security for the construction of a bridge at Cua Viet.

      c.  On 271530H May 1970, one man from D/1-11 died as a result of multiple frag wounds suffered in a booby trap explosion.


       d.  The following non fatal events required medevacs:

   (1)   Illness  
   (2)    Injuries   
     (3)     Injuries, IRHA 29    
   (4)   Injuries, Friendly Fire   
   (5)   Insect bites 6    

      Except for the helicopter crash which was caused by enemy fire, all medevacs were handled smoothly by the 237th Aero Ambulance Company Helicopters. During the siege of FSB Fuller heavy enemy fire made helicopter evacuation difficult and at times impossible. There is no evidence that any serious injury transpired from the resultant delay.


4.    a.  During this operation the Battalion had 13 new cases of Malaria, most of which came from C/1-11 in mid May. A review of compliance with chemical prophylaxis at that time revealed that some EM were signing the rosters without taking the medication. This was brought to the commanderís attention and appropriate measures were taken to rectify the situation.



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