b.  In early July an unusually large number of cases of mild gasteroentertitis was noted within the Battalion (8 to 11 per week) Although these cases seemed to come in outbreaks within the separate companies, no etiology was discovered and it was assumed they were of viral etiology, being spread by droplet contact among the men living and working together.


5.  Occasional medical supply problems were encountered and a summary of deficiencies and recommendations follow:

    a.  Smallpox vaccine was out of date for approximately a month before a fresh supply was available through B/75th Medical Clearing Company. Bland eye drops (Visine FSN 65059624376) were unavailable for the last two weeks of the operation and remain so to date. This deficiency was especially disconcerting because large numbers of mild conjunctivitis cases caused by dusty condition on Quang Tri Combat Base and FSB Holcomb. This difficulty was partially alleviated by supplying protective goggles to all the men at FSB Holcomb.

   b.  Because of space limitations within the Battalion Aid Station small refrigeration capacity, most medications were stored in conex containers which are unsatisfactory due to the excessive high temperatures. We are hoping to alleviate some of this difficulty by moving to a larger building but have not been able to attain the necessary material (plywood) to enclose a new building which has recently become available. The enclosure is mandatory to keep materials dry during tropical storms and to cut down the tremendous dust during the dry season.

    c.  Near the end of the operation it became evident that most of the urine collection devices at Camp Roberts were developing objectional odor.  None of the objectionable devices were of the new “urinoil” design. Difficulty was encountered in obtaining material such as usable 55 gallon drums, pipe and plywood to construct the newer devices. This resulted in approximately 2 weeks delay. After materials became available, work orders for construction were obtained, but have not yet been completed due to large numbers of track vehicles requiring repair.

     d.  Medical care of the Battalion will be improved by moving to the newly available building. Sanitation will be improved with the completion of the new urinoils.



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