(8)  Personnel of this Battalion repaired six hamlet wells and pump systems. Moreover, one community latrine was repaired and one rebuilt employing assets and personnel of the 1st Bn, 11th Inf.

(9)  Playground equipment for various schools within MAI LINH District have been prepared and delivered during the period of time encompassed in this report.

(10)  MEDCAPS were conducted twice during each week of Operation GREEN RIVER. An estimated 1600 persons received medical attention, and approximately 25 health workers were assisted and advised in medical analysis and treatment by personnel of the medical civic action teams.



    (1)  Psychological Operations were broadened during this to include:
  (a) Leaflet drops utilizing UH1H and O2E aircraft. 
   (b) Aerial broadcasts utilizing UH1H and O2E aircraft.
   (c) HB Teams
   (d) HE Teams

     (2)  Leaflet drops and aerial broadcasts were employed in all 1st Bn 11th Inf TACTICAL AREA OF OPERATIONS IN CONJUNCTION WITH GROUND OPERATIONS. HE & HB Teams were utilized in the battalion’s civic action area of responsibility of MAI LINH District and met with outstanding success.


c.  KIT CARSON SCOUT PROGRAM:  Kit Carson Scouts are assigned to each tactical unit in the battalion. This program has progressed exceedingly well in the battalion, and continues to receive favor and emphasis from field commanders. Of 34 scouts authorized, 23 are presently assigned.



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