SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



          b. Tactical Air Support:  The battalion received a total of 3 tactical air strikes during the operation. One was controlled by an airborne FAC and two were preplanned, utilizing the AN-PPN 18 Transponder supplied by the brigade S3 Air Section. The transponder proved to be valuable and effective when utilized in a direct support role. The device provided a much more accurate method of pinpointing and destroying enemy installation, than normal forward observer procedures. The brigade S3 Air, CPT Robert S. Dean, was very cooperative in procuring and placing the device in operation.

         c.  Artillery:  During all phases of Operation GREENE RIVER TF 1-11 received indirect fire support from the following artillery units;

                    (1)  A/5-4 Arty (155 SP): DS 1-5 (Mech) with shell HE, WP, SMK, Illum, Cofram and Fuse PD, Delay, CP, TI and VT. Located at QTCB except for the period 16 June to 9 July when Plt (3 guns) displaced to FSB NANCY.

                     (2)  B/5-4 Arty (155 SP): DS 1-5 (Mech) with similar shell and fuse capabilities as A/5-4. Located at DHCB until Plt (3 guns) displaced to FSB HOLCOMB from 9 July to the present.

                     (3)  C/5-4 Arty (155 SP): DS (1-5 (Mech) with similar shell and fuse capabilities as A/5-4. Located at C-2 except for the period 9 July to 18 July when displaced to FSB VANDEGRIFT.

                    (4)  B/8-4 Arty 175mm Guns) at C-2: GS with shell HE, Cofram, Q/Delay, and TI.

                      (5)  A/8-4 Arty (175mm Guns) at Camp CARROLL and B/2-94 Arty (8” Guns): GS with shell HE, Cofram, Q/Delay and TI.

                     (6)  C/5-92 Arty (8” -175mm SP): GS with shell HE, Cofram, Q/Delay and TI.

                     (7)  B/6-33 (105 Towed): GS with shell HE, BEEHIVE, Illum, WP, SMK, and Fuse PD, Delay, AP, TI, and VT. Located at FSB FULLER until February 1970 when the unit was rotated to CONUS.

8.   (C)  MISSION:  The mission varied with the changes in the area of operation.

          a. Phase I:  TF 1-11 continued search and clear, rocket suppression, reconnaissance in force, security and pacification in new AO GREEN; secures FSB FULLER with a company size element. Intensifies preparations for approaching high threat period by:

                     (1)  Increasing intelligence effort and reconnaissance of known and suspected enemy base areas.

                     (2)  Strengthening FSB’s and strong points to include prepositioning of supplies and equipment.

                      (3)  Expanding fire support training.

           b.  Phase  II:  See After Action Report  (Operation DAKOTA CLINT).







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