SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



Early April in AO GREEN, Aerial observers reported extensive construction of bunkers ansd renewed trail activity. Senor readings indicated heavy Southwest to Northeast traffic from the Ba Long Valley area. Intelligence was received on 1 April from the 1st ARVN Div forward that the 66th Regt, 304th NVA Div was in the area SW of the Ba Long Valley and would be conducting operations shortly. On 8 April documents captured during an attack by the 66th Regt on an RON of the 3/5 Cav indicated that the 8th Bn, 66th Regt was involved and that there was a company size base camp located north of the Thach Han River in AO GREEN. On the 18th of April further intelligence was received of a basecamp, possibly Company size, in AO GREEN. At FSB FULLER and the surrounding area intelligence prior to 6 April 1970 indicated the stepped up activity against FULLER and Allied installations in the area would commence prior to 1 May. On 6 April the first 120mm mortar rounds were fired and FSB FULLER began a state of siege that still continues. Enemy elements felt to be involved were the 13th Arty Bn, 164th Arty Regt, 84th Rocket Arty Regt and the 27th Inf Regt.

                    (4) Phase IV: Reports received on 18 May complied from recent contacts, agent and recon unit reports indicated that the K-14 (814) Inf Bn and 1 Company of the K-34 Rocket Arty Bn were operating on the southeastern fringes of the Ba Long Valley. These elements with the addition of 1 Company of the K-11 Sapper Bn were reportedly involved in future rocket attacks and ground assaults into Quang Tri and La Vang area. Extensive collection of food from the villages and hamlets around Quang Tri City further substantiate this. A rallier captured on 4 April stated that the H-99 unit was still active in “THE MOUNTAINOUS AREA OF WESTERN HAI LANG” and a PW, captured on 18 May indicated that the HAI LANG District Party Committee and the HAI LANG District Unit were again active in the populated areas of HAI LANG with a base camp also in the mountainous area of western HAI LANG.

                    (5) Phase V: Further intelligence on the Ba Long Valley/AO GREEN area and adjacent AO’s was lacking  pertaining to elements of the 304th NVA Div until on the 8th of  July 3 PW’s were captured by elements of the 101st Abn Div (Ambl). They stated that they were members of the 9th NVA Regt and were replacing the 66th Regt which had suffered heavily in previous contacts. A PW captured on 13 July by A 1/11 stated that the 66th Regt would be involved in one more major battle prior to turning its AO over to the 9th Regt, this would be accomplished by the 8th Bn, 66th Regt in latter July 1970. Agent reports early in July stated that the 304th Div would have at least 1 Bn of the 24th NVA Regt under its control and that this element would arrive with the 9th Regt.

         b. Weather: During Phase I and the early portions of Phase II the weather was marked with almost continuous overcast, low ceiling and light rain or drizzle as the northwest monsoon moved into its final stages. During Phases III and IV the gradual approach and then arrival of the Summer Season (or dry season) was marked with little impending weather.

         c. Terrain: AO GREEN consists of primarily of secondary growth vegetation, difficult mountainous areas with elevations up to 500 meters







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