SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

10 August 1970

                   GREENE RIVER)  (U)



The armor company was used to provide a RRF and to form combined arms teams. The battalion reconnaissance teams were used in an economy of force role to provide daylight surveillance and night ambushes in search and clear, reconnaissance, and rocket suppression operations. The heavy mortar platoon was normally at Camp Roberts, but one section was displaced along with the advanced command post during Phase IV and Phase V. An advanced command post was displaced forward during Phases II, IV and V.



     (1) 310155H Jan 70, YD165940 (FSB FULLER) B 1/11 received 2 RPG rounds and an unknown amount of small arms fire. Artillery and small arms were placed on suspected enemy locations.

     (2) 311315H Jan 70, YD166483. Bn Recon Tm 1 observed an estimated 15 individuals moving northeast, approximately 300 meters southeast of their position. The area was engaged with Artillery with negative results.

     (3) 2000H Jan 70, YD211386. Bn Recon Tm 6 initiated contact with 5 NVA resulting in 1 NVA KIA.

      (4) 021030H Feb 70 YD253650. C 1/11 1 individual detonated a plastic antitank mine, mortally wounding the man who expired within minutes. Further investigation determined a crater 3 ½‘ deep and 6’across, believed to have been caused by a TM 60 antitank mine.

      (5) 042210H Feb 70, YD210412. Bn recon Tm 2 made contact with an unknown size enemy force. The Team responded with small arms fire and grenades. The area was swept with negative results.

Phase II: See After Action Report (Operation DAKOTA CLINT)

Phase III:

     (1) 041220H-041510H Apr 70, FSB FULLER. D 1/11 received 44 rounds of 82mm mortar fire, 35 of which impacted inside the perimeter. Artillery fire was placed on the suspected enemy location in the vicinity of YD015665, with unknown results. 3US WIA (E), 1ARVN WIA (M).

     (2) 071755H Apr 70, YD213438. TF 1/11 Recon Team III engaged 3NVA with small arms fire, killing one MNA. NO fire was returned. Recon Team III moved to a new position and called in artillery and ARA. One secondary explosion was observed vicinity YD217433. During a sweep on 8 April 1970, Team III found 1 set NVA fatigues, blood trails and human internal organs. Team III then followed heavy trail activity west when they observed 1/C/3-5 Cav located on hilltop at YD193457. The Recon Team leader realized that his element was too close to the Cav platoon, masking the M551 Sheridan Tank main guns and 50 cal MG’s. he contacted the Cav Platoon leader by radio and requested permission to enter the Cav Platoon night defensive position. The Recon Team leader then briefed the Cav Platoon leader on heavy trail activity and the Team III contact the night before. He then integrated his Team into the 1/C/3-5 Cav night defensive position. At 090240 hours, the 1/C/3-5 Cav night defensive position was attacked by an estimated 60-100man NVA infantry company.



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