SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


      (17)  18 August 70, YD174418, a mechanical ambush from B/1-11 detonated to the west of their RON.  The area was immediately engaged with M79 and small arms fire.  A sweep of the area produced five NVA KIA, 3 AK-47 w/T over 8 markings on stock, 2 RPG-2 launchers, 7 AK-47 magazines, 4 RPG-2 rounds with boosters, 19 Russian grenades, 7 Chicom grenades, 1 Chicom protective mask plus numerous miscellaneous items of equipment were found.  The KIA were identified as members from the T8 Bn, 66th Regt, 304th Div.


       (18)  21 August 70, YD168436, 3/D/1-11 had a mechanical ambush detonate.  An initial sweep revealed 2 NVA KIA.  A thorough sweep at first light however, revealed 1 pith helmet and drag marks.


        (19)  23 August 70, YD152434, at 1140H D/1-11 was alerted to a possible attack by a scout dog.  Defensive claymores were detonated to cover their front, at which time approximately 15 personnel were observed retreating to the south.  The enemy was immediately engaged with small arms fire.  A sweep of the area revealed 1 NVA/VC KIA.  One AK-47 magazine, 5 Chicom grenades and one rucksack containing food was captured.  At 1835H at YD164428 3/D/1-11 engaged an unknown size enemy force with small arms fir, mortars, artillery and air strikes with unknown results.


       (20)  25 August 70, YD155434, D/1-11 contacted an estimated 18 enemy personnel and engaged them with small arms fire, 4.2 mortar and 81mm mortars.  Gunships were called on station.  There were 3 US WIA and 2 NVA KIA.  The area was swept again at first light and numerous blood trails were found.


       (21)  TF 1-11 on 31 August 70 conducted an EAGLE FLIGHT into the Da Krong Valley with C/1-11 and the Second ARVN Regt Recon Company attached with the following results:


        (a)  At 1140H vicinity XD990380 Recon Team 2/2 ARVN Regt Recon  Company while searching the area found:  2 bunkers (4x6), 1 bamboo raft, 2 huts (4x6), 1 hut large enough to accommodate a platoon, 2 cooking pots, 150 meters of commo wire and numerous fox holes.  Also found were numerous well used north-south trails.  It appeared as if a battalion size element had moved through the area in the past 48 hours.


        (b)   1145 hours vicinity YD014372, 2/C1-11 found a well used trail and a cooking area with food still hot.


         (c)  At 1430 hours, vicinity XD980392, C/1-11 found a lightly used trail along a river at XD986391 movement was observed and noises from approximately 5 personnel was heard.


       (d)  At 1500 hours vicinity YD005345, C/1-11 found a trail showing heavy usage within the past 24 hours by an estimated company sized unit.  In the same area a bamboo rope was strung across the river with a bamboo




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