SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


raft on the north side of the river.  Two empty rice bags and several possible cooking areas were also found.  Voices and chopping sounds were heard from across the river to the northeast.


           (e)  At 1620 hours, vicinity XD975360, 2/C/1-11 while sweeping the area contacted and estimated three enemy personnel, exchanged small arms fire and gunships were employed.  There were two NVA KIA.  The NVA were wearing fatigue uniforms.


           (22)  An EAGLE FIGHT conducted by C/1-11 on 12 September 1970 to the south of Thach Han River resulted in 2/C/1-11 finding 2 bunkers  (10x10x5)  approximately 2 months old, torn clothing and one AK-47 magazine in vicinity YD223386.  Approximately 100 meters north of that location seven huts  (10x10)  bunkers underneath them, old poncho pieces, numerous trails and a tree that had notched steps in it were found.


            b.  Phase II:


           (1)  On 08 Oct 70 the 3/C/1-11  (SPARROW HAWK)  conducted an air assault to vicinity XD764357.  The unit received immediate small arms fire upon insertion.  Small arms fire was returned resulting in 3 NVA KIA.  There were negative casualties.  A sweep of the area was conducted and the following items were captured:  1 Chicom grenade, 205 AK-47 rounds, 6 AK-47 magazines, 1 bayonett, 1 survival knife, 8 NVA rucksacks, 9 sets of fatigues, 5 pith helmets, 6 ponchos, 3 hammocks, 12 drawers, 5 shelter halves, 5 NVA belts, 12 bags of rice, 3 grenade pouches, 5 large and 3 small bags containing unknown white powder, 5 complete medical kits, 3 pounds assorted documents.  The majority of the captured items were new with factory markings still attached.  Document readouts revealed a K-9 Co, H-3 Bn of an unspecified Regiment.


           (2)  At 101230H Oct 70, YD125427, 1/C/1-11 on SPARROW HAWK mission was inserted to search an area in response to a sighting by Ranger Team11.  They discovered four machettes, clothing, food containers, heavy caliber machine gun casings, miscellaneous documents and numerous trails. 


            (3)  At 121730H YD168548, C/1-11, one man tripped a claymore type booby trap.  There were three US WIA, all with leg wounds.


            (4)  At 131306H, YD167432, C/1-11 discovered one NVA/VC killed by artillery.  Two bunkers  (20x10) and   (4x5)  with well constructed hootches on top of the bunkers, one cooking fire, one personal letter, one AK-47 magazine, clothing for five personnel hanging out to dry, and C-rations.


            (5)  At 141100H, YD194422, B/1-11 discovered a booby trapped 60mm mortar round.  One individual was wounded when the round was destroyed.  As a medevac helicopter approached, an unknown type booby trap detonated resulting in negative further casualties.




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