SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


071025H Dec 70, YD115486, A/1-11 found 4 bodies clad in rotten clothing which appeared to be approximately 90 days old.  The personnel were believed to have been killed by artillery.


            (8)  101205H Dec 70, YD067502, B/1-11, personnel detonated an anti-personnel mine unknown type mine resulting in 2 US WIA.


            (9)  121820H,Dec 70, YD162445, Recon CP-Sniper Team 2 reported movement in the vicinity of YD164438.  Artillery was employed on the suspected enemy location.  A sweep of the area produced 1 NVA first aid packet, expended AK-47 cartridges, and fresh footprints.


            (10)  151450H Dec 70, YD157435, CO/1-11 while flying a VR mission observed what appeared to be a cooking fire and adjusted artillery fire on the location with unknown results.


            (11)  181833H Dec 70, YD099509, 1-11 CP, MAI LOC.  Subsector reported to 1-11 Infantry that an estimated enemy platoon was in the vicinity of YD099509.  The PPS-5 radar at MAI LOC observed the area and detected at least 6 personnel.  The area was engaged with 81mm mortar fire.  The area was swept at first light with negative results.


           (12)  192240H Dec 70, MACV Subsector reported to 1-11 Infantry that an estimated enemy platoon with B-40 rocket launchers was in the vicinity YD119536 and moving northeast.  4.2 mortar fire and artillery fire were employed on the suspected enemy location.  A search of the area with tracker dog teams produced negative results.


            (13)  251510H Dec 70, YD119514, C/1-11 sighted 3 personnel moving off a hill, and while continuing observation, they received a burst of AK-47fire which resulted in 1 US WIA.  The unit pursued and C/3-17 was called to surpress the area.  While sweeping the area, in vicinity YD124515, the unit located 1 NVA KIA.  The nest results were 1 US WIA, 1 NVA KIA, 1 AK47 and other miscellaneous equipment were captured.


            (14)  262020H Dec 70, YD138524, C/1-11, a claymore mechanical ambush detonated 200 meters west of C/1-11 night defensive position.  At 262033H a trip flare detonated in the vicinity of YD138529, approximately 500meters north of the RON. And voices were heard in the area. 4.2 mortar fire was called on the suspected enemy location.  a search of the mechanical ambush area produced 3 NVA KIA, 2 AK47, 4 Chicom grenades, some NVA belts, and documents were captured.  Documents identified the personnel as belonging to 8/27/31st LFG.




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