SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


            (15)  311406H Dec 70, YD142485, Recon Team 3 observed 1 individual near a hut in vicinity of YD139481.  Artillery fire was placed in the area.  At 311645H while checking out the area, Recon Team 3 received 1 round of small arms fire.  They returned small arms fire, observed movement and withdrew.  Due to the time and the cease fire, no further action was taken.


            (16)  312038H Dec 70, YD089499, B/1-11 sighted a red flashlight approximately 1 kilometer north of their RON.  No action was taken due to the cease fire.


            (17)  312102H Dec 70, YD110494, 3/B/1-11 had a mechanical ambush detonate 75 meters southeast of their RON.  No action was taken due to the cease fire.


          (18)  312252H Dec 70, YD070522, 2/A/1-11 LP 175 meters north of their RON observed 1 individual moving towards their location.  When the individual was within 25 meters, the LP detonated its defensive claymores.  At the same time another LP 175 meters west of the platoon RON observed2 personnel as they approached the LP.  When the personnel came too close for safety, the LP detonated its defensive claymores and employed fragmentation grenades.  A sweep of the area at first light indicated that the wire to one trip fare, near the first LP had been cut and there were fresh footprints on a trail.  It was also discovered that the mechanical ambushes of the second LP had been tampered with.  A further sweep of the area was made with negative results.


           (19)  011000H Jan 71, YD101495, B/1-11 received 10-12 60mm mortar rounds resulting in 1 US KIA and 8 US WIA.  C/3-17 was called on station and counter battery mortar fire was employed on suspected enemy location, vicinity of YD116495.


            (20)  011246H Jan 71, 3/B/1-11 discovered 4 bunkers showing signs of recent activity approximately 20 meters from the impact point of the 4.2 mortar round.  Trails showing signs of recent activity (heavy) were also found in the area.


            (21)  041942H Jan 71, YD117523, 2/D1-11 reported observing 9-10 personnel with rucksacks approximately 700-1000 meters east of their ambush site.  Approximately 30 minutes later, the unit spotted 3 personnel with weapons, rucksacks and steel pots on a hill in the vicinity of YD123615.  Then at 042032H, 1 flashlight was observed in the vicinity of YD123518.  Artillery and 81mm mortar fire was called in the suspected enemy location.  A sweep of the area at first light produced tissue paper with dried blood on it, 3 sets of footprints heading west which then turned north and were lost, and 1 old 60mm Chicom round which was not in the area the day before.




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