SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


          (22)  051155H Jan 71, YD100542, 3/B/1-11, by means of binoculars, a Kit Carson Scout observed 5 personnel carrying AK-47 in the vicinity of YD109552,  Civilians in the area prevented the employment of artillery.


          (23)  051450H Jan 71, YD123512, 3/C/1-11 found 1 bunker  (6x8x3) 1 stone fire place, 1 lean too shelter, and 1 A-47 magazine.  There were indications of activity in the area in the last 3-5 days.  The equipment captured was evacuated to S2, 1-11, the shelter, bunker, and fire place were destroyed.


          (24)  111217H Jan 71, YD156433, C/1-11 found 5 bunkers  (6x3x3) one command bunker  (10x20x5), one small tunnel, 6 AK47 bayonetts and cleaning rods,AK-47 magazines and RPD magazines, 8 Russian hand grenades, 8 Russian rifle grenades, 100 pound blocks of TNT without fuses, 4NVA entrenching tools, 5 NVA pick heads and assorted medical supplies.  There had been no activity in the area in the last 6-12 months.


          (25)  171158H Jan 71, YD064480, 2/B/1-11 contacted an estimated 2 snipers approximately 200 meters west, southwest of their position.  The unit employed 81mm mortar fire and M60 fire on the area resulting in 1 NVA KIA.  Blood trails were also found and a tracker dog team was employed at approximately 171720H, the team discovered trails of 3-4 personnel and continued to pursue the trails.  A rucksack and 1 AK-47 with 2 magazines were captured.  Documents indicated the individual was a member of 8th Co, 27th Bn, 31st LFG.


               e.  Terrain:  AO GREEN is composed of rolling ridges and foothills in the east and along the northern border which gradually raises up to form into the mountain chain north of the Ba Long Valley.  The rolling ridges and foothills area, sometimes referred to as the Piedmont Area, allows almost unimpeded movement by tracked vehicles and by foot.  North to south movement is restricted in the southern portion of the AO by the Thach Han River and is fordable on foot only at a few locations.  The Ba Long Valley offers good avenues of movement.  The mountainous chain offers good security through concealment.  This area also has multi-canopied dense undergrowth forest and inclines which average 25 to 35% slope.




          a.  Logistics:  Inclosure 1.


          b.  Medical Support:  Inclosure 2.


          c.  Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations:  Inclosure 3.


          d.  Communications: 




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