Inclosure 2 (Medical) To letter, Headquarters, 1st Battalion 11th Infantry


Subject: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report  (Operation Wolf e Mountain) dated 26 February 1971.


1.  The medical platoon of the 1st Battalion 11th Infantry was located at Camp Roberts, Quang Tri Combat Base for the duration of the operation.

2.  The Aid Station provided medical support for the combat troops of the 1st Battalion 11th Infantry while maneuver companies were located at Camp Roberts on maintenance and training missions.  While in the field they were supported by their attached aidmen who recommended transportation to Camp Roberts for problems which required higher medical facilities.  Except for emergencies this was generally accomplished with resupply vehicles, either helicopter or trucks.  Towards the end of the operation a forward aid station was established at MAI LOC.  The Battalion Surgeon was assigned to the forward aid station, while the Battalion Aid Station in Camp Roberts had a physician from b/75th Medical Company in the mornings for sick call.  When the medical situation warranted it, patients were referred to B/75th Medical Company, 18th Surgical Hospital and 95th Evacuation Hospital, where further treatment or evacuation was carried out as required.


3.  The following summarized the casualties of the operation:


    a.  10 0320 H Aug 1970 two men from C 1/11 were killed while their company was engaged in enemy contact.


     b.  16 1100 H Aug 1970 one man from B 1/11 was killed when he suffered a direct hit from an enemy mortar round.


    c.  08 0730 H Nov 1970 one man from E 1/11 was killed when he stepped on an enemy land mine while on patrol.


    d.  08 1740 H Nov 1970 one man from HHC 1/11 died at 95th Evacuation Hospital as a result of unknown fever and a cardiac arrest.


   e.  30 1140 H Nov 1970 one man from B 1/11 became MIA when the river he was crossing swept him down stream.


    f.   01 0955 H Jan 1971one man from B 1/11 was killed by fragments from an enemy mortar round.


    g.  08 1935 H Jan 1971 two men from A 1/11 were killed when they set accidentally set off their own mechanical ambush.


     h.  The following non-fatal events required medivacs:

  Illness 18
  Injuries 35
  Injuries, IRHA 63
Injuries, Friendly Fire 10
  Insect Bites  3



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