(14)  MAI LINH District Schools-School furniture-704 mortar ammo boxes were provided for construction of school furniture.


      (15)  HUONG HOA District-Catholic orphanage, in Bruville-Christmas party. 24 Dec 1970


     (16)  HUONG HOA District-Schools, orphanage, and wells provided 85 bags of cement for construction and repair.


      (17)  HUONG HOA District-Tet program for children. 27 Jan 1971


    (18)  HUONG HOA District-Schools provided 369 81mm and 4.2 inch mortar ammo boxes for construction of school furniture.


    (19)  HUONG HOA District-Catholic orphanage-delivered 476lbs. of food items; 162 lbs. of clothes, 85 lbs. of health items and 105 health kits.


    (20)  HUONG HOA District-CUA Valley Dispensary (Bruville) held MEDCAPS 3 times each week.  Approximately 100 patients were examined and treated. 4 health workers were assisted and advised in medical analysis and treatment by personnel of the medical civic action teams.


     B.  Psychological Operations:

      (1)  Psychological operations were broadened during this operation to include:

      (a)  Leaflet drops from UH1H Aircraft

      (b)  Aerial broadcasts from UH1H Aircraft

       c)  HB Teams

      (d)  HE Teams


     (2)  Leaflet drops,aaerial broadcasts, and HB teams were employed in 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry.  Tactical Area of Operations in conjunction with ground operations.  HE teams were utilized in the battalion’s civic action area of responsibility.


      c.  KIT CARSON SCOUTS PROGRAM:  Kit Carson Scouts are assigned to each tactical unit in the battalion.  Of 34 scouts authorized, 31 are presently assigned.




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