SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)






       a.  Phase I: TF 1-11 conducted reconnaissance in force, rocket suppression and night ambush operations in AO GREEN and secured FSB HOLCOMB with one rifle company. One company operated northwest of FSB HOLCOMB and another south of the Thach Han River. Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon conducted daylight surveillance and night ambush within assigned zones in AO GREEN.


        b.  Phase II: TF 1-11 conducted search and clear, rocket suppression reconnaissance in force, night ambush operation and FSB security in AO GREEN with an infantry company operating in central AO GREEN, one company operating north of the Thach Han River, and another company conducting the BALD EAGLE/SPARROW HA WK mission at Camp Roberts. A mechanized infantry company secured a small FSB south of FSB PEDRO. Battalion Reconnaissance Teams conducted daylight surveillance, rocket suppression, sniper, and night ambush operations in assigned zones.


       c. Phase III:  TF 1-11 (-) assumed BDE reserve with two (2) companies, and prepared to assume control of the Bde Reaction Force on a one hour notice. One company maintained the BALD EAGLR/SPARROW HAWK mission while the other company conducted small unit quarterly training.


       d. Phase IV:  TF 1-11conducted search and clear, reconnaissance in force, night ambush, pacification, civil affairs operations, and provided security for MAI LOC Combat Base. One rifle company provide one rifle platoon and heavy weapons platoon for combat base defense and two  rifle platoons broken down into half platoons for recon and ambush teams to provide security within a six kilometer radius of MAI LOC. One company retained the BALD EAGLE/SPARROW HAWK mission at Camp Roberts.  One rifle company conducted search and clear and night ambush operations along the eastern and northern boundaries of AO WHITE. One rifle company was used to search and clear, and night ambush mountainous areas of AO WHITE. The RF company provided one platoon fro combat base defense and used the remainder of the company to provide close in security for the MAI LOC area. Battalion Recon Teams were employed nightly to provide saturation ambush operations surrounding the populated areas and daylight surveillance and night ambush operations in their assigned zones. Battalion Sniper Teams conductedday and night sniper operations at assigned sniper posts.


10.  (C)  EXECUTION:  During the majority of this operation TF 1-11operated with either three infantry companies with one company minus one reinforced platoon. At times during the operation an armor company, a calvary troop, or a mechanized company were OPCON to TF 1-11. During Phases I, II, and IV one company plus, or elements of the task force to that equivelant drawn form its various units, were occupied in fire support base defense  (FSB HOLCOMB: 22 Jul 70 to 16 Aug 70; various hill-




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