SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


tops jump CP and hipshoot locations:  16 Aug to 07 Sep 70;  FSB CINDY: 07 Sep 70 to 13 Sep 70;  hilltops:  13 Sep to 25 Sep 70;  FSB SCORPIAN: 25 Sep to 12 Nov 70;  MAI LOC:  02 Dec to 30 Jan 71).  During Phases I and IV combined operations with ARVN and RF/PF units, were conducted.  These operations included the integration of units down to the squad level.  One company of TF 1-11 was the RRF for the 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (M).  This company maintained one platoon plus on alert at all times and was prepared to supplement with the entire company.  The remaining infantry companies were used in search and clear, reconnaissance in force, rocket suppression, and pacification operations utilizing EAGLE Flights, CHECKERBOARD, and CLOVER LEAF techniques, in AO GREEN, and AO WHITE.  The armor company, calvary troop, and mechanized company were used to provide RRF, and in areas where high mobility was desireable.  They also formed combined teams and were used on a mission basis, often released to their parent units upon its completion.  The battalion reconnaissance and sniper teams were used in an economy of force role to cover infiltration and exfiltration routes as well as daylight surveillance, night ambush, reconnaissance, rocket suppression, and day and night sniper operation.   The heavy mortar platoon was split with one section at the Forward CP area and the other two sections at Camp Roberts during Phases I and II; and with two sections at MAI LOC and one at Camp Roberts during Phase IV.  A Jump Command was utilized during Phases I and II; during Phase III the command post remained at 1-11 TOC at Camp Roberts; while a forward command post was used during Phase IV at MAI LOC.


     a.      Phase I:


   (1)  221155H Jul 70, YD185375, 1/B/1-11 while sweeping in the vicinity of the area artillery was fired 211825H Jul 70, 1 VC killed by arty was discovered.  1/B/1-11 continued to search with negative results.

    (2)  251900H Jul 70, YD118432, A/1-11 and 1-11 Forward CP received 4 rounds of 82mm mortar fire impacting 300-400 meters southwest of the perimeter.  Flashes from enemy firing site were observed at YD095414.  The coordinates were confirmed by ground surveillance radar, and counter mortar was fired by the Battalion Heavy Section located at FSB HOLCOMB.


      (3)  251915H Jul 70, YD203366, 3/D/1-11 had a claymore mechanical ambush detonate.  A search of the area revealed a pool of blood and numerous used bandages indicating injured personnel were treated before evacuation.


       (4)  261925H Jul 70, YD075418, Ranger Team 19 observed approximately20 NVA/VC on a trail 10 meters from their location.  Gunships were requested and engaged the enemy as directed by Team 19. Extraction was




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