SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


Accomplished after contact was broken.  In-direct fire consisting of 4.2 mortars, 155mm howitzers, and 8 guns were placed in the area.


     (5)  271650H July 70, YD156430, Battalion Recon Team 5 observed 2 personnel moving down a trail into the killing zone of their claymore mechanical ambush.  When after a period of about 10 minutes the device did not detonate, a patrol was dispatched to investigate.  It was discovered the power source (battery) had been disconnected causing the device not to detonate.  It had been noted through recent intelligence reports that increased emphasis has been placed on finding and dismantling the devices by the enemy.  Modifications must be made in order to continue and increase the effectiveness of the claymore mechanical ambush.


     (6)  281645H Jul 70, YD159449, Recon Team 1 exchanged small arms fire with an estimated NVA platoon.  Gunships were requested and initially denied by the DCO of the 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (M).  Further information supplied by CO 1st Bn, 11th Infantry resulted in gunships being employed against enemy locations.  The team was then extracted at 1752H, with the extraction aircraft receiving sporadic small arms fire.  The area was then saturated with 4.2 mortar and 155mm howitzer fire.  Results:  2 NVA KIA, 1 NVA KBA, and 1 secondary explosion.


     (7)  291856H Jul 70, YD128414, Ranger Team 14 received sporadic small arms fire during their insertion, and one individual injured his knee while jumping from the aircraft.  The team requested extraction and this was accomplished by the same aircraft.  The area on contact was fired upon by 4.2 mortars and 155mm howitzers.


      (8)  302115H Jul 70, YD109814, an LP of A/1-11 located 100 meters east of the company RON engaged an estimated enemy squad with small arms fire and claymore mines.  Fire was not returned and the LP withdrew and 81mm mortar fire was placed on suspected enemy locations.  A search of the area revealed negative results.


      (9)  311343H Jul 70, YD112416, 2?A/1-11 discovered an old grave containing 1 decomposed body and various other items.  The items were checked and no markings were found.  Captured items included the following:  2 first aid pouches, 2 Chicom grenades, 2 NVA canteens,, 1 NVA soft cap, 1 AK-47 magazine and 1 NVA belt.


     (10)  311420H Jul 70, YD081411, 3/A/1-11 sighted movement on abandoned FSB HENDERSON and later identified 1 individual on the ridgeline. 81mm mortar fire was adjusted on suspected enemy locations.


       (11)  02 August 70, YD102463, Recon Team 4 spotted one NVA crawling towards their position approximately ten meters away. The enemy was engaged with small arms fire at which time an unknown size enemy force returned fire.  Mortar fire was placed on the enemy and gunships were




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