Inclosure 1 (Task Organization) to Combat After Action Report -  Montana Mustang - 8 April 1971 to 11 July 1971   

I.  The Task Organization shown below was the initial organization during the reporting period. However, the composition of a task force varied depending on the mission assigned.

1-11 Inf  (-) Brigade Control  
TF  1-61 5-4 Arty (DS)
   1-61 Inf (Mech) 75th Spt Bn  
   B/3-5 Cav D/3-5 Air Cav (OPCON)  
   A/1-77 Arm A/7th Engr.  
   D/1-11 Inf P/75th Ranger  
  298th Sig Co  
TF  3-5 43rd Sct Dog Plt  
   3-5 Cav  (-) Det 2/7th Psyops Bn (Atch)  
  86th Chem Det  
TF  1-77 407th RRD  
   1-77 Arm  (-) 517th MID  (Atch)  
   A/4-12 Cav  (Atch) Bde Scty Plt  
  Avn Spt Pkg, 101st  (Ambl)  (OPCON)  
  II.  Task Organization for Counterattack Plan Spring Board - Bravo  
TF  1-11 Inf Bde Control  
   1-11 Inf 75th Spt Bn  
   Trp/3-5 Cav 5-4 Arty (-)  
TF  1-77 Arm P/75th Ranger  
   1-77 Arm  (-2 Co) A/7th Engr  
   A/4-12 Cav 298th Sig Co  
TF  1-61 Inf  (M)    
   1-61 Inf (M) (-1 Co)    
   1 Co/1-77 Arm    
   1 Trp/3-5 Cav    
TF  3-5 Cav    
   3-5 Cav   (-2 Trp)    
   Co/1-77 Arm    
   Co/1-61 (M)    
   Btry/5-4 Arty