INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


11 May 1971


    110800H, XD881388. Ranger Team 19 spotted 6NVA near brick house on QL-9 plus additional group of 9 NVA 200 meters West of house - - Arty blocking fire employed. D/3-5 ARPS inserted and linked with Ranger Team and moved to 50 meters of house where they took SAF and LMG from house. Organic weapons, ARA and gunships worked over area. D/3-5 engaged - - 3 NVA NBA. An airstrike was made at 1410H - - 1 NVA NBA. OH58A took LMG fire from house hitting belly of aircraft. At 1500H a plt from D/1-11 was inserted and gained entrance to house. While searching house a boobytrap detonated - - 2 US KIA, 3 US WIA, 1 KCS WIA. A total of 2 NVA KIA, 4 NVA KBA.


    111050H, YD082622. B/1-61 took 2 RPG rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Arty employed with unknown results. Area checked - - negative results.


    111530H, YD115729. B/1-77. M48 hit 2 stacked PM-60s - - negative casualties. 2 roadwheels 1 housing, 3 support rollers were blown off - - right fuel tank was cracked.


13 May 1971


    131315H, YD078638. C/3-5, moving in convoy, received SAF from left. M551 turned to return fire and set off 2 stacked TM-41s blowing off 2 roadwheels and arms and 2 torsion  bars - - 2 US WIA.


14 May 1971


    141535H, YD118568. 3/A/1-77 was stopped by 3 children who showed them a cache of 3x 82mm and 1x 57mm recoilless rifle rounds, all new. Area was searched with negative results.


15 May 1971


    150810H, YD100487. C/1-77. M48 hit a pressure activated unknown size metallic mine blowing off 1 set of roadwheels, 2 roadwheel housings, 2 shock absorbers and left track - - negative casualties. No recent area activity.


    150930H, YD117566. A/1-77 was stopped on its way from Mai Loc to QTCB by children who showed them 2x 81mm rounds which were blown in place.


    150915H, XD994381. Ranger Team 19, spotting a well used trail, set up a mech ambush which detonated immediately resulting in 2 NVA KIA, 1 AK-47 destroyed, 1 AK-47 captured.


    151230H, YD262545. 3/B/3-5. M551 hit unknown pressure activated mine estimated at 40 pounds of explosives which blew off 2 sets of roadwheels - - 2 US WIA. No recent area activity.




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