INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


8 June 1971


    081030H, YD103626. 2/B/1-61 visually spotted 2 stacked TM-41 mines on tank trail which were destroyed in place.


    081010H, YD367429. 3/A/3-5. On RIF, aman tripped a wire on what is believed to be 60mm round - - 2 US WIA.


    081400H, YD222456. 1/A/4-12. M113 set off anti-personnel mine wounding individual on next track - - no vehicle damage.


    081742H, YD262487. A/4-12. M551 hit unknown type mine which tipped vehicle on its side with one man trapped inside - - 2 US WIA.


9 June 1971


    090710H, YD113627. B/1-61 mine dog located 2 PM-60s stacked in tank trail and through use of mine detector 1 TM-41. A ll were blown in place.


    090725H, YD108496. 1/C/1-77. M48A3 set off 105mm WP round stacked on a 105mm HE round - - 105mm HE round was thrown 100 meters away without exploding. 1 RPG round was taken from the Northeast - - negative casualties or damage. Area not swept prior to incident. On return trip, at 0855H, the same M48A3 hit a pressure activated non-metallic mine blowing off 2 sets of roadwheels. Negative casualties.


    090925H, YD334468. A/7th found a 155mm round while using a metallic mine detector. The round was buried in the road when found and blown in place. At 1005H, A/7th spotted another 155mm round buried in the road at YD335460 and blew mine in place.


    091825H, YD073625. 1/B/1-61 heard voices and engaged area with SAF - - 1 NVA KIA. 1 AK-47 with 2 magazines, 1 binoculars, 1 map, several Chicom grenades and other miscellaneous items were captured.


10 June 1971


    100845H, YD272493. Bridge Plt/A/7th Engr, on a sweep found a 152mm round buried in tank trail. Round was blown in place. At 0850H, unit found 4x 82mm rounds stacked on top of each other also buried in tank trail. They were also blown in place.


    101100H - - 101800H, YD090669. 2/C/3-5 took 9-10x 82mm rounds from Northeast. An M551 took several RPG rounds - - 3 US WIA. At 1112H an M113 took 1 RPG round - - 3 US WIA. At 122H unit was hit on 3 sides by AK-47 fire from 100 meters out with another M113 taking 1 RPG - - 1 US WIA. Organic weapons, mortar fire and gunships expended the area. A sweep produced 3 NVA KIA, 1 radio, 1 AK-47, 1 RPG round




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