INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    211415H, YD097674. B/1-61 took 6x 120mm rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Counterbattery was fired with unknown results.


    211645H, C-2. 1-61 took 5x 122m rockets - - negative casualties or damage.


Arty engaged - - 1 secondary explosion, 12 bunkers destroyed; 1 NVA KBA by 155mm fire; 2 secondary explosions by 8 Arty fire.


22 June 1971


    220945H, YD088635. C/1-61 spotted 1 NVA 150-200 meters from location and engaged with SAF and Arty with unknown results


    221115H, YD099633. C/1-61 found 8 TM-46 mines stacked in pairs. All mines were blown in place.


    221305H, YD158743. B/1-61 spotted 7 NVA and used 81mm and Arty - - area swept with negative results.


    221330H, YD098622. C/1-61 took 10x 82mm rounds while waiting for dustoff - - 1 US WIA. Counterbattery was fired with unknown results.


    221705H, C-2. 1-61 took 6x 122mm rockets - - negative casualties or damage, 3 inside and 3 outside perimeter. Arty employed on SEL - - 2 bunkers and 1x 122mm launcher destroyed, 2 secondary explosions.


    221705H, A-4. FB took 2x 122mm rockets which landed outside perimeter.


    222017H, - - 222020H, YD431424. 3/B/3-5 spotted and engaged 4 NVA with Arty and SAF - - RF elements killed 1 VC.


23 June 1971


    230220H, A-4. 1-61 took 12x 122mm rockets inside perimeter, 4x 81mm rounds North of perimeter. Arty and 4.2 employed on SEL with unknown results.


    230220 - - 230315H, DHCB. Took 23x 122m rockets - - 3 US WIA. Arty fired on SEL with unknown results.


    230501H, C-2. 1-61 took 5x 122mm rockets inside wire - - negative casualties or damage. Arty employed with unknown results.


    230305H, DHCB. 3-5 Cav took 33x 122mm rockets destroying 1 hut, damaging 2, 3 US WIA.


    230815H, YD208429. Ranger Team 13 engaged 6 NVA and took heavy fire, expending ammo. Gunships requested, expended ammo, team extracted at 1045H with negative casualties.




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