INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


26 June 1971


    261718H, YD074604. C/1-77 & C/1-61 took 3 RPG rounds and AK-47 fire - - 1 US WIA. Organic weapons and 81mm fire were returned with unknown results.


27 June 1971


    271212H, YD072602. C/1-77 M48A3 hit 2 stacked TM-60 damaging 3 roadwheels and housings and air cleaner - - negative casualties. Area swept at time of incident.


    271335H, YD124596. Vietnamese children showed C/1-61 the location of 2 stacked TM-60 mines which were blown in place.


28 June 1971


    280645H - - 280945H, C-2. Base took 9x 122mm rockets damaging 3x 2 and 1x ton truck trailer. 7 rounds landed inside the perimeter - - Negative casualties.


    280645 - - 280945H, A-4. Base took 24x 120mm rounds, 12 inside perimeter - - 1 US KIA, 1 US WIA. Arty and 4.2 were utilized on SEL. B/1-61 swept area and took 9x 82mm rounds 400 meters from location - - negative casualties or damage.


    281050H, YD113720. A/3-5 spotted 6-8 enemy - - Arty and D/3-5 employed. Area swept with negative results.


   282105H YD135637. On Ambush, C/1-77 spotted 3 enemy 150 meters Southeast and engaged at 75 meters with SAF, mortars and claymores - - area swept at first light with negative results.


29 June 1971


    291325H, YD125727. 2/C/1-61 engaged 2-3 NVA at 300 meters with 81mm and Arty fire. Area sweep revealed 2 NVA KIA and 2 AK-47s captured.


30 June 1971


    301255H, YD085700. C/1-77. M48A3 set off TM-41 blowing off 2 sets of roadwheels - - negative casualties. Area not swept prior to incident. Shortly there after, another M48A3 hit TM-41 with the same results as above to the vehicle - - 3 US WIA. Area swept visually prior to incident and was swept afterwards with negative results.


1 July 1971


    012215H, YD208377. CP/A/1-11 spotted 3 NVA 1000 meters Southwest - - Arty was employed with unknown results.




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