SSG Bob "Corky" Corthell, 11B




Died January 21, 2011


Courtesy of 

Robert F. Corthell, USA Ret.




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Captain Bodenhorn talking with

"Corky" me!

Mortar Platoon Sergeant?








Dining out

LT Lungen and me





Company Mail Room

Me on the radio





  . . . and shaving



On Patrol

By my hooch

Cobra, AH1G, attacking enemy position



Unidentified Soldier

Squad leaders



Squad Leaders in the Field

Unidentified Soldiers



Unidentified Third Platoon soldiers

Third Platoon soldiers



Unidentified soldiers

Unidentified mortarman?

Possibly "Doc" Whitlow on right



SFC Joe Evy sitting center -- Me standing right

1SG Tommie O. Hicks






Charles Ames


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