Troop replacements arrived in a steady flow and they were quickly briefed and integrated into the team effort. Overseas processing was conducted for all personnel and this was evidenced by the sore arms of the troops as immunizations were brought up to date.  Every effort was made to verify and correct all data within the personnel records of all deployable personnel.


Blank forms, office supplies and comfort items were packed for shipment. The many unit trophies and memorabilia tracing our unit lineage were carefully boxed and shipped to New Cumberland Depot, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for storage until such time as it would be feasible to proudly display them again.


Although the logistical effort proceeded at a feverish pace it was hard put to match that effort made in the training program. The "Pioneers" moved to the field for a twenty-one (21) day period of realistic tactical training geared to meet the mission requirements of our future area of assignment. Ambush, counter-ambush, search and seize, search and destroy, cordon, etc., became part of our everyday terminology as the troops became imbued with a logical direction of effort and determined sense of purpose.


The physical effort involved produced profitable side dividends as the troops became "lean and mean".  Miles traversed in helicopter operations were, in most instances, exceeded by miles covered by combat boots. "Over hill, over dale", were no longer words of a familiar song . . . they describe, most vividly, the basic method of troop movement within the battalion.


The rugged day and night training did not completely eliminate the traditional "beer break", so valuable to the morale of the infantryman. During the rare periods of tactical inactivity, appropriate liquid refreshments and charcoal grilled steaks were delivered to the various company command posts, and the already marked troop spirit became highly vociferous as the Pioneers took full advantage of the opportunity to relax, forget (temporarily) innumerable C-ration meals, and devour steaks to their hearts content!


Martial music greeted the returning troops as they were air lifted back to the garrison area. Our return to this "easy life" did not signal the end of the training as plans were immediately implemented to prepare the battalion for decisive and active participation in a Brigade wide training test scheduled during the first week of the following month. This challenge we vowed, would be met in the same high spirited and professional manner as we have displayed in the past.




[Webmaster: 1968 Annual Historical Supplement Page 7]