Rick L. Hochhalter, 11B & CP RTO




Courtesy of 

Rick L. Hochhalter




Rick Hochhalter's Vietnam Diary


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Front row: L-R Joe Pittman, Doc Woods, Rick Hochhalter

Paul Carlson & Charles "Joe" Pittman

  Back row L-R Paul Carlson, Steve Sullens






Joe Pittman & Rick Hochhalter

"Doc" Woods & Joe Pittman









SGT Cary Dacquel, Artillery FO

Rick Hochhalter Shaving

  "SGT D" or "D"





Unidentified Soldier

Robert "Buttons" Brown on right


  Soldier on left Unidentified



Unidentified Jeep Driver

Frank "Wop" Massa left  & "Gomer" Miller right



Unidentified Soldier

Steve Sullens



Unidentified Soldier

1SG Anselmo Braffith


Foreground Left



SSG Gerald King [left] and

Unidentified Soldier

 LT Larry Glazier [right]





Rick Hochhalter [left]

Unidentified Soldiers

Chris Valiente [middle]


Andy Ramos [right]



    LT Blake Clark [maybe]


[Foreground  -- Right of Center]




Charles Ames


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