Donald C. Mellott, 11B






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Donald C. Mellott


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Adolfo "Andy" Ramos

Capt. Philip G. Bodenhorn


Company Commander






L - R: Clinton Turner, Charles Thompson

Hurshel "Doc or Rev" Whitlow

    and Hurshel "Doc" Whitlow




 Jodie Lathum & Bill Perdue

L - R: Unidentified soldier, John "Lucy" Lacey


and Hurshel "Doc" Whitlow




Mark Kalch

  L - R: Don Mellott, John Lacey


and "Doc" Whitlow  



Mike Lynch

Lyle "Monty" Montgomery and


1SG Tommie O. Hicks



L - R: 1SG Tommie O. Hicks, Bob Harp

William Perdue

and Lyle "Monty" Montgomery



Charles Thomas

Bruce Larson


Charles Ames


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