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Jack Perkins




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Jack Perkins

Jack Perkins now


  Saigon 2007




CH47 landing on Dong Ha Mt.

View from latrine on Dong Ha Mt.


FSB Fuller





Billy Dyal and Jack Perkins

Jack Perkins on Dong Ha Mt.


Ron Nye on Dong Ha Mt.

Billy Dial and Simon Piedra




Unidentified Third Platoon "Doc"

Third platoon hootch




Third platoon hootch

Jim Larrabee

Johnny Haigler, behind Johnny is the 3-3 assistant squad leader, and behind him is Billy Dial,  and


  Roger "Chief" Begay on porch.



1SG Anselmo Braffith

Unidentified Company Clerk




KCS and LT Garry

 Our Kit Carson Scouts




Jack Perkins on Patrol

Jack Perkins enjoying C Rations


A fine dining experience


SGT Baird on chopper pad

Johnny Haigler

with unidentified soldiers




Joe Pagan and Oliver

UH1 "Slick" and CH47 "Chinook" in background






Charles Ames


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