Ed Pacilio, 11B




Died 16 Apr 16


Courtesy of Ed Pacilio




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Then -- 1970

Now --  Summer 2006

Ed Pacilio

Rolling Thunder


Washington, DC



Red Devil Brigade top

Red Devil Brigade bottom

31 August 1970

31 August 1970

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Large file - may load slow






Jim Larrabee

Ed Pacilio on truck, lower left Rick Sherouse,


Chuck Hall in middle & T. T. Thomas,


unknown lower right



Far right: Draper?

View from Dong Ha Mountain

Others unidentified

FSB Fuller




My ticket home!

View from chopper - somewhere



Either FSB C-2 or A-4

Our Kit Carson Scout (KCS)

I can't recall which one

Mouey (spelling!)



The guy who ran the club

Charles "Buckwheat" Hall

near the Battalion Aid Station

FSB Fuller



Charles Ames


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