Don Blanchette, 11B


"Frenchie" 1969 - 1970




Courtesy of


Don Blanchette


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Joe Sims & Lyle "Monty" Montgomery

Don "Frenchie" Blanchette

In base camp - Fall 1970

Fall 1970



Callie Phillips & 1SG Braffith

Part of Third Platoon

in base camp

 in the field - Summer 1970



Doc with yellow smoke - Summer 1970

A birthday in the bush - Summer 1970



Don Blanchette at

Getting ready to be airlifted

FSB Fuller  - Jan 1970

by Chinooks  "Shithooks"



Don Blanchette at FSB Fuller

Rabbit in center

Jan 1970

others unidentified



Don Baylus & Don Blanchette

Part of 3rd Platoon

at base camp



Don Blanchette & Jimmy Lannon

Frenchie & Owens



A Huey

SGT Carroll Webb & SGT Ron Stobbe

transporting us somewhere



From the RED DEVIL BRIGADE 31 July 1970

Photo Courtesy of

Peter T. Zielenski (LTC Ret. USA)





Charles Ames


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