Larry Glazier, 1LT (1969-1970)


Also in D/1-11


Courtesy of Larry Glazier




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Our platoon checking equipment:

Our platoon in the Company area

Second from Left "Doc" Whitlow, Andy Ramos


Bruce Larson, John Lacey [white towel]


and Ron Zimmerman walking toward camera


  Others Unidentified



LT Orlando Campos

LT Larry Glazier comfortable

   at the helipad

in a bunker at Con Thien [A 4]




1SG Anselmo Braffith with

Cook in the Mess Hall

Vietnamese workers filling sandbags



Remains of a CH-47 hit by

FSB Fuller

mortar at FSB Fuller





FSB Fuller

FSB Fuller



FSB Fuller

Aerial view of bomb craters

just south of the DMZ







Charles Ames


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