Dennis M. Rees, 01542


First Platoon Leader




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Dennis Rees "LT"




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Then: LT Rees, 1970

Now: Chief, Loveland Ohio Police Department

at Battalion TOC for briefing




1st Platoon Sergeant Clemmons

LT Rees and SP4 Gerry Viano

 and LT Rees in AO Orange





Le Van Quang our Kit Carson Scout

1st Platoon, 2nd Squad


 Back row L - R: Bob Harp, Butler, Van Paepeghem,


Dave "Doc" Nee lower left, LT Rees lower right



LT Rees in ammo bunker on FSB Fuller

Four lieutenants who came in-country together:


L - R: Bruce Horn to D Co., James "Roger" Wagner,


  Jacques Jarry and LT Rees



LT Jim Noon getting on a LOH for recon

 A USN A-7 coming down








Charles Ames


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