SP4 Robert Scheurer, 11B (1968 - 1969)

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Robert Scheurer




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At Camp Red Devil

Briefing in field by platoon sergeant

going out on operation



Vietnamese hootch

Mitch Gibson



Napalm dropped by jet

White phosphorus dropped by jet



Riding chopper into combat

Bob Scheurer wearing NVA soft cap

door gunner at the ready

with AK-47





Jerry Yarbrough wearing

Barber shop at Camp Red Devil

Vietnamese hat with AK-47


Bob Scheurer going on

Going out on operations

R & R to Bangkok, Thailand

with the tankers


Charlie Baker  With the

Camping out with

M-60 machine gun

the tankers




Tom Gissal in hootch

Captured RPG launcher

at base camp


Larry Sandella & Mark Radmann

Tabios & Brown

taking a break


Bob Scheurer & Calvin Charles

RVN Certificate of Service

at "McCoy's Boys'" hootch

Red Diamond -- our unit patch


Mess Hall at Camp Red Devil

Riding tanks


Bob Scheurer in front of

Battalion Headquarters sign

"McCoy's Boys'" Hootch








Charles Ames


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