A Story from Ed Pacilio (11B)

(November 1969 - October 1970)


My name is Ed Pacilio, I just discovered your roster at the 5th Infantry Division web site. I was in A Company from November, 1969 until about August or September of 1970, then I got a rear job driving a 2 1/2 ton truck. Some of the names brought back some memories. As you know that was 35 years ago. I can remember the CO when I came in was Captain MacDonald, who had recently arrived himself. I was in the second platoon, second squad. At that time the squad leader was Nick Baylus, from California. I remember a guy named Joe Pagon from New Jersey who had a friend who joined up with him named Kenny. I can't remember last name, but about my second or third day with A Company. in the field, Kenny was hit from rocket or mortar, leg wound, went home and was killed later in a car accident. Kenny had a M-79 grenade launcher and I picked it up and carried it the rest of the time there.

One of my strongest memories was when we had just returned from a tour on Dong Ha mountain, FSB Fuller I think it was called. After we returned to camp Red Devil and had a shower and hot chow, my squad, 2nd squad, was on call. It was called "Sparrow Hawk" or  something like that. Anyway, we ended up going back to Dong Ha Mountain because Delta Company, who had replaced Alpha Company, was getting hit with rockets or mortars. So they choppered us back out and we ended up stuck there and getting hammered for almost another month. I remember a Chinook helicopter getting hit as it was trying to resupply us. It crashed and burned on the pad. The NVA had the pad zeroed in. We just kind of stayed in the bunkers most of the time.

Finally we were choppered off. I heard A Company and D Company walked off a couple of days later.  Like I said, this was 35 years ago so my memories are strong on some points and not on others. I believe this was in May of 1970, but I am not sure.

I was there from November 1969 until  October 1970. I think it was August or September when I was transferred to Headquarters Company for a couple of months for a rear job as a truck driver. I knew a guy named Larrabee, I think his first name was Jim. He was from upstate New York. He broke his leg, non combat related, while he was there. I remember him walking around with a cast on his leg and a big peace sign painted on it. Anyway these are some of the memories.




Charles  Ames

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