Dong Ha Mountain remembered

by Dave Nee (91B)

"Doc Tree" 1970 - 1971


I remember the story about Dong Ha Mountain - FSB Fuller.  I remember it a little different, but it was 35 years ago. I only really remember what my platoon's role was at the time. 

We were the first platoon to leave the pad that day, and we didn't get any incoming. The next platoon started to get incoming. Before it was over one platoon from A Company was left on top of the hill with, I think, two shit hooks were burning on the pad. It seemed like the company that was replaced us was "Dying Delta."

I remember that our platoon was left up there and ended up humping off the hill, maybe Delta also.  My platoon ended up pulling guard on a downed chopper outside the wire, not too far from Quang Tri. We ended up at company strength again at A4. I wish my memory was better some times, and then other times I'm glad it's not so good.




Charles  Ames


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