A Recollection of 1SG Anselmo Braffith

by Tony Gumbrell (11B)



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1SG Anselmo Braffith knew me stateside at Fort Lewis, Washington before I went to Vietnam. I was assigned to Delta Company at Fort Lewis, and he was the 1SG of Charlie Company right next door to us. When I came in-country I was at the "Repo Depot" at Long Binh in the south, just outside Saigon, I believe. When I got orders, I was assigned to the 1st Brigade. of the 5th Infantry Division (mech.) all the way in the far north of Vietnam. I was the only one on the roster that was sent to the northern part of the country.

When I arrived at Quang Tri Combat Base I was sitting on my duffle bag outside the head shed for either Brigade or 1/11th, I don't remember which one, and out walked 1SG Braffith. He took a quick look at me and said; "Sergeant Gumbrell, what happened to you?" I had been busted down one stripe just before I left my old outfit stateside. I was speechless. He said sternly, "Got drunk, didn't you?" Then Top Braffith said, ". . . never mind, I will see if you are assigned to my company." Then he whirled around and went back in. He came out a minute later, and said; "Come with me, you are assigned to my company." This is how I got on the roster of Alpha Company 1/11th -- Divine Providence, I guess.




Charles  Ames


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