Inclosure 1 (Logistics) to Letter WANX-AA, Headquarters, 1st


Battalion, 11th Infantry, 18 April 1970.

SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report (Operation


                   Green River)  (U).



1. During the conduct of Operation GREEN RIVER, the logistical operations center remained in a consolidated posture at Camp Roberts. Its mission, the support of forward elements was accomplished on a daily basis through the continuing flow of ammunition, ration, water and camp hardening material.


2. Field Mess Operations were established on 12 February 1970.

See: TF 1-11 Combat After Action Report (Operation Dakota Clint)

(U) 18 April 1970


3. Compilation of Logistics:

      a. Rations:
   (L)   C-Rations: 15,472 case
  (2)   A/B Rations: 247,194 meals
      b. Ammunition:   
(1) 5.56mm: 892,780 rounds
  (2)   7.62mm: 201,940 rounds
  (3)   40mm HE: 74,054 round
  (4)   Grenades Frag: 11,160
  (5)   Claymore Mines M18A1: 3,354
  (6)   60mm LAW: 330
  (7)   81mm HE: 9,472
  (8)   81mm Ill: 5,307
  (9)   81mm WP: 860
  (10)   4.2 Ill: 947
  (12)   90mm HE: 72
(13) 90mm Can: 60
     c. Camp Hardening Material  
  (1)   Sandbags: 299,600
  (2)   PSP:  886? [no. partially  illegible] sheets
  (3)   Engineer Stakes: 3,576

4. Operation GREEN RIVER was characterized by the smooth flow of resupply to its forward maneuver elements. Excellent aircraft support was received from organic aviation assets as well as supporting aircraft from the 101st Airmobile Division, (Ghostrider, Lancer, & Phoenix-UH1H and Pakaderm, Playtex, and Varsity Ch-47s.


5. The latter half of this reporting period began to show a slowdown of supply responsiveness in replacing essential items of equipment. Two 81mm mortar tubes and two 400 gal water trailers have been on outstanding requisition in excess of four months. With several shortcomings the resupply system remained good.



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