SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


           (6)  At 151545H, YD264437, Recon Team 2 trip flare detonated 50 meters north of the friendly location.  The area was engaged with a claymore mine and M79 fire at which time the team received one round of AK-47 fire resulting in negative friendly casualties.  A sweep of the area revealed one blood trail.


          (7)  At 161655H, YD154427, C/1-11 man detonated a pressure-release anti-personnel mine buried beside a tree resulting in one US WIA.


          (8)  At 201155, YD163461, C/1-61 discovered an unknown type anti-tank mine buried in a tank trail.  On top of the anti-tank mine was a US Claymore attached to a pull release firing device by means of a det cord.  Both mine were destroyed in place.


           (9)  At 2011423H, YD170432, 2/B/1-11 found one bunker  (5x10x4)  and a partially completed bunker.  In addition, a Kit Carson Scout found and disarmed, an anti-personnel mine which consisted of a C-ration can, C-4, glass rocks, and a blasting cap attached to a pressure type detonator.  The bunker and mine were destroyed.


           (10)  At 210951H, YD154432, 1/B/1-11 found one bunker  (6x7x5)  with three feet of overhead cover, three bunkers  (4x4x5)  with overhead cover, one hootch  (15x12)  with a thatched roof and a cooking stove inside it, one additional hootch with thatched roof, three partially completed bunkers several spider holes, one old PPS-43, one machete, one knife, four NVA shovels, one pickax, two 60mm mortar rounds, assorted medical supplies, one protective mask  (riot control type), and  four AK-47 magazines.  There was no recent activity in the area.  The bunkers and hootches were destroyed and the captured equipment was evacuated to QTCB.


            (11)  At 221715H, YD173427, A/1-11, one man while checking out RON moved an ammo crate which was rigged with a trip wire and was believed to have been connected to a Chicom hand grenade.  The booby trap detonated resulting in one US WIA.

           (12)  At 231330H, YD173437, A/1-11, a UH1H resupply ship landed and as the boxes of ammo wer being off loaded one of the boxes landed on an M1 claymore firing device buried in the ground causing the booby trap to detonate.  The booby trap was believed to have been a claymore with an anti-tank mine on top.  The M1 firing device was hooked to the claymore and is what caused it to detonate.  Results were five US WIA and the UH1H sustained moderate damage.


            (13)  At 301230H, YD173433, A/1-11 found three booby traps, two of them with pressure type fuse and one with a tripwire attached.  The booby traps were destroyed in place.


             (14)  At 070710H Nov 70, YD 197392, 3/D/1-11 found a grave which contained one body.




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