SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


           (15)  At 080755H Nov, YD238547, Recon Team 1, an individual detonated what was believed to have been a 155mm artillery round buried in tank trail resulting in one US KIA and one US WIA.

                c.  Phase III:  Small Unit Quarterly Training Cycle.  

              d.  Phase IV:


             (1)  031901H Dec 70, YD088498, Recon Team 5 and 6 while enroute to the ambush site, a Kit Carson Scout saw 5 to 6 NVA 200 meters southwest of their position.  The team engaged the individuals with small arms fire and they received AK-47 fire.  Because of commo problems, the teams returned to MAI LOC.  The area was swept at first light with negative results.


            (2)  040400H Dec 70, YD108504, 4/B/1-11 observed 4 VC moving northeast.  The personnel were to the rear of an ambush kill zone.  The platoon employed small arms fire resulting in 1 VC KIA.  While attempting to recover body at 040640H, a VC detonated a mechanical ambush resulting in his being KIA.  Shortly thereafter, 2 VC were observed entering the ambush site from the northeast.  Small arms fire was exchanged.  Artillery and 81mm mortar fire were then placed in the area.  A sweep of the entire area at first light revealed 3 VC KIA, 3 AK-47, 3 large bags of rice, 4 Chicom grenades, 2 rucksacks, 3 ponchos, documents, and miscellaneous other items.  MACV personnel from Huong Hoa District identified 1 of the KIA as a known VCI and documents identify the unit as the C-9 Company of the 31st Local Force Group.


            (3)  041020H Dec 70, YD098482, 2/D/1-11 detained 10 personnel who did not have ID cards.  The platoon then observed 7 personnel, who were wearing rucksacks, 100 meters north of their location.  Organic weapons were not employed because the personnel were in the daytime no-fire zone.  The platoon then began to maneuver to the north.  Then they observed 1 individual carrying an AK-47 in the vicinity of YD101485.  The platoon was unable to apprehend any of the 8 personnel.  The 10 people originally detained were taken to MAI LOC.  Eight of them were released while 2 were detained by the Huong Hoa District officials.


            (4)  041414H Dec 70, YD101488, 1/D/1-11 discovered a US 55 gallon drum filled with oil.  When the drum was destroyed a secondary explosion was observed indicating it was booby trapped.


           (5)  050645H Dec 70, YD089501, Recon Team 5 while recovering the defensive claymores at first light, discovered the lead wires to one of them had been cut.


           (6)  062200H Dec 70, YD102506, 1/D/1-11, a PPS-5 from MAI LOC detected 3-7 personnel at YD096490, who were moving towards 1/D/1-11.  After being notified, 1/D/1-11 adjusted 4.2 mortar fire into the area.




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