Inclosure 3  (CA/PSYOPS)  To letter, Headquarters, 1st Battalion 11th Infantry


SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report (Operation Wolfe Mountain) (U)

1.  During Operation Wolf Mountain, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations expanded its role, and further enhanced its efficiency.  For the this report the areas covered will be Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and the Kit Carson Scout Program


     a.  Civil Affairs:  It has been the goal of the 1st Battalion 11th Infantry to establish a substantial Civil Affairs program with the District Chief of MAI Linh District and HUONG HOA District and to maintain close liaison with the MACV District Senior Advisors.  Effective communications were established with the Districts and all activities planned for MAI LINH District and HUONG HOA District were submitted to the District Chiefs and approved or disapproved by them.  Those projects that can be successfully accomplished by employing personnel and material assets of the Battalion are undertaken.  To date many such community development projects may be credited to the Civil Affairs section of the 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry.  However, those projects that require major support are channeled through province, and any material request is completed at that level.  The function of of this section in this instance is one of supervising the acquisition and distribution of allocated material, and advising a self-help labor force in the actual construction.  A project list has been prepared to more clearly identify such program fields.  Projects initiated during Operation Wolfe Mountain and either completing dates or programmed completion dates are as follows:


     (1)   LA VANG TRUNG-well, 1 Aug 1970

     (2)   LA VANG CHINH-latrine. 1 Aug 1970

     (3)   TRAM LY-pump. 22 Aug 1970

     (4)   MAI LINH Dispensary-transformer. 26 Aug 1970

     (5)   MAI LINH Dispensary-pump. 26 Aug 1970

     (6)   MAI LINH Dispensary-transformer. 29 Aug 1970

     (7)   QUY THIEN-pump. 30 Aug 1970

     (8)   LA VANG CHINH-pump. 5 Sep 1970

     (9)   GRACE SANE School-pump. 8 Oct 1970

     (10)  Sacred Heart High School-provided scrap lumber. 6 Nov 1970

     (11)  Grace Sane School-pump repair. 6 Nov 1970

     (12)  Grace Sane School-scrap lumber. 10 Nov 1970


   (13) MAI LINH District Dispensary- Medcaps were held 3 times each week.  Approximately 1200 patients were examined and treated.  The health workers were assisted and advised in medical analysis and treatment by personnel of the medical civic action teams.




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