SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

26 February 1971


                    (Operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN) (U)


        c.  Artillery: During all phases of operation WOLFE MOUNTAIN TF 1-11 received indirect fire support from the following Artillery Units:


        (1)  Direct Support:  5/4 Artillery (155mm SP)


        (2)  Reinforcing:  None


        (3)  General Support:


        (a)  8/4 Artillery   (175/8”)


        (b)  2/94 Artillery   (175/8”)


        (c)  1/44 DAW   (Dusters)


        (d)  1/39 Artillery   (175/8”)


        (e)  Naval Gunfire


        (f)  F/26 TAB   (Target Acquisition)


8.     (C)   Mission:  The mission varied with the changes in the area of operations:


        a. Phase I: TF 1-11 continues reconnaissance in force, rocket suppression, and night ambush operations in AO GREEN; secures FSB HOLCOMB with a company size element.


        (1)  Increasing intelligence effort, reconnaissance, surveillance of known and suspected enemy base areas.


           (2)  Strengthening FSB’s and strong points to include repositioning of supplies and equipment.

              (3)  Expanding fire support planning.  

        b. Phase II:  TF 1-11 conducts search and clear, rocket suppression, reconnaissance in force, night ambush, and fire support base security operations in AO GREEN. Conduct civil military operations in MAI LINH District.


        c. Phase III:  (Quarterly Training Cycle)


        (1)  1-11 Infantry assumed Bde reserve commencing on 121000H November 1970, be prepared to command and control a reaction force anywhere in the Brigade TAOR on one hour notice.


         (2)  Maintain BALD EAGLE/SPARROW HAWK mission.

           (3)  Conduct small unit training of rifle companies.  



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