INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


8 April 1971


    080415H, YD082502. C/2-94 received 5 unknown type rounds 200 meters South of their location. No counterbattery fire was employed.


    081100H, YD061689. C/1-61 spotted and engaged 17 NVA 800 meters South  and Northwest with small arms, 81mm and Arty fire. D/3-5 ground to air fire at YD157734 and engaged area with negative results. Negative casualties.


    081710H, YD221645. 108 Arty located an anti-tank mine on QL-1 2 miles South of C-1. EOD was notified and the mine disarmed.


9 April 1971


    090755H, YD085686. 1-61 found a TM-41 mine buried in a tank trail. The mine was blown in place.


10 April 1971


    101525H, YD333433. 1-11. Upon inserting Recon Team 1, UH1H detonated boobytraps causing engine damage and 1 US WIA. D/3-5 reported aircraft took SAF through roof when it relocated Northeast at YD386488 where crew and team were extracted. Aircraft was secured by RF/PF elements.


11 April 1971


    110925H, YD306423. SIT. While preparing LZ for Sensor Implant Team, gunships took heavy AK-47 fire, received negative hits and engaged the area. Arty and 4.2 mortar were also employed with negative results. Recon Team will insert area 12 April.


    111054H, YD275437. 1/C/1-11 and SIT escort gunships spotted 12 NVA/VC and received AK-47 fire. Gunships engaged resulting in 3 NVA/VC KBA and 1 secondary explosion, broke station to rearm while Arty was employed with negative results.


    111130H, YD270737. D/3-5 observed fresh footprints, 3-4 hours old, leading West from stream. Ranger Team maneuvered Northeast to cut off possible enemy personnel, however none were detected.


    111145H, YD316413. 1-11 While attempting insertion of Recon Team, helicopters took AK-47 fire from unknown personnel at YD323422 negative casualties or damage. Gunships ARA any Arty were requested and employed with unknown results. 1 NVA KBA, 2 bunkers destroyed. 1 C&C ship took 1 hit by SAF while checking out YD322422.


    111735H, YD325426. Recon Team 6/1-11 received and returned SAF 30-40 meters






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