INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


Southeast of their location while 12 enemy advance on them. Arty, gunships and ARA were requested, employed and expended. At 111810H, 1D/1-11 was inserted to reinforce and link up with Recon Team. Contact was completely broken at 111815H with negative friendly casualties and unknown enemy casualties. Area to be searched at first light.


12 April 1971


    120846H, YD251400. Recon Team 3/1-11 had a claymore mech ambush detonate 80 meters South of teams RON and found two NVA KIA, 2 AK-47s and documents. While checking the bodies, the team received and returned SAF from 10-12 NVA 80 meters to the South. Barky, D/3-5 and Arty were employed. At 120910H 2/D/1-11 was inserted, an area sweep producing no further results. No friendly casualties.




    121110H, YD140694. A/3-5, with the use of a mine detector, found 1x TM-41 buried in a tank trail. The mine was blown in place.




13 April 1971


    130405H, YD268454. 2/B/1-11 had a claymore mech ambush detonated 100 meters East of their location - - area was swept with negative results.




    130900H, YD124701. A/1-61, enroute to AO, visually sighted 1x PM-60 mine North of the tank trail half buried and half covered with erosion. The mine was evacuated to Bn S-2.




    131305H, YD118727. 2/A/3-5. M-125 detonated a PM-60 buried in a tank trail blowing off two roadwheels and the right front sprocket - - 4 US WIA. The vehicle was 4th in the column and area was not swept prior to incident. Mine dogs were used with negative results.


    131515H, YD328432. C/3-5. A bridge truck detonated an unknown size metallic mine, damaging the front wheel and fender. Footprints were spotted heading East. Mine may have been an old 155mm round.



14 April 1971


    142145H, YD135635. C/1-77 engaged 3 NVA moving towards their position 35-40 meters out with organic weapons during dismounted ambush. A sweep produced negative results.


15 April 1971


    150507H, YD330429. Recon Team 1/1-11 received grenades on all sides from an estimated 3-4 NVA - - 1 US KIA, 3 US WIA. SAF was returned. 3/C/3-5 aided in evacuation.






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