INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    151115H, YD093594. B/1-77 found a TM-41 metallic mine while securing the engineers. The mine was blown in place.


    151430H, XD817373. While low-levelling QL-9 in search of missing US and ARVN bodies, D/3-5 Cav took heavy SAF with 5 hits to OH58A and 1 US WIA. Gunships engaged the area with unknown results. Barky airstrike resulted in 6 bunkers destroyed and 1 POL fire.


    151510H, YD093594. A 5 ton truck, in use of A/7th Engineers, detonated a 40 pound mine 40 meters East of their location - - negative casualties.


    151930H, YD141695. 2/B/1-11 took 7x 82mm rounds with negative casualties. Counterbattery fire was employed on YD159702 with unknown results.


16 April 1971


    161245H, YD160700. A/3-5 visually spotted 1 TM-41 mine buried in a tank trail. The mine was blown in place.


    161328H, YD330438. 3/C/3-5. M-113 detonated a pressure activated 105mm round, breaking the track and sprocket - - 1 US WIA. Area activity was not determined.


    161345H, YD250485. 1/C/3-5. An M-551 detonated a suspected pressure activated AH1G rocket blowing off 2 left roadwheels and left idler wheel with TC cupola broken loose - - 3 US WIA. No recent area activity.


    161405H, YD161405. B/1-61 found 1 pound block of explosives, 30 82mm rounds, and 1 mortar firing position all of which were destroyed.1 firing device was located and evacuated to Brigade S-2.


    161937H, YD173427. CP/A/1-11 located a mine of undetermined size and blew it in place. Crater - - 4 x 3 x 2.


17 April 1971


    171030H, YD112714. TF 1-61 found 1 8 Arty round on ground surface and 2 buried metallic objects suspected to be more Arty rounds. Rounds were destroyed in place. No recent area activity.


    171220H, YD113721. TF 1-61 found 2 Chicom grenades which were destroyed in place. No recent area activity was indicated.


18 April 1971


     180810H, YD325424. 3/C/3-5, while conducting road sweep with one M-551 and




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