INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


One M-113 and dismounted personnel took 1 RPG round and light AK-47 fire East of the road. M-551 was hit near fuel cell causing it to burn. M-113 and remaining personnel returned 50 cal, M16 and M79 fire with unknown results, however did not receive anymore fire. 4 US WIA.


    180937H, YD068409. Ranger Team 15 observed 2 NVA 75-100 meters North of their position, the NVA moving Southwest. Recon Team 15 engaged with SAF with unknown results. Due to contrast in uniform - - old and new - - between this and previous sightings, Rcn Tm felt a unit in the area may be in the process of resupply or reinforcement. Rcn Tm extracted 181023H.


    181550H, YD252399. While inserting Sensor Implant Team (SIT), gunship preparation resulted in 1 NVA KBA on LZ. Ground elements were extracted when helicopter sighted an estimated enemy plt moving out North and Southwest in vicinity YD250405. Gunships, 4.2 81mm and Arty engaged the area. 1/A/1-11 inserted as a reaction force to sweep area at first light.


19 April 1971


    191210H, YD174740. On S&C, C/1-61 found 1 Chicom claymore which was blown in place.


    191330H, YD167710. B/1-61 received SAF 250 meters East of location from 4-6 personnel - - 1 US WIA. Organic fire was returned. When Arty and mortars were employed the enemy fled Southwest. Area sweep indicated negative results.


20 April 1971


    192246H, YD163744. Radio firing device set off 6 claymore mech ambushes as sensor activated.


    200040H, YD163744. Sensor activated RFD and 6 additional ambushes detonated. Radar detected 10-15 personnel this vicinity - - Arty place on SEL. Area sweep - - negative results.


    200950H, YD164702. Scts/1-61. M113 detonated pressure activated TM-60 blowing off 2 roadwheels - - negative casualties. No recent area activity.


    201025H, YD238460. 2/A/4-12. Track detonated an unknown type boobytrap - - negative casualties or damage. Area was checked with negative results. No recent area activity.


    201140H, YD155544. 2/C/3-5 visually sighted 2 unknown metallic anti-tank mines with pressure firing devices, weighing 20 pounds. Mines were destroyed in place.


    201230H, YD331445. 3/A/4-12. M551 detonated a 20 pound plastic pressure activated mine - - negative casualties. No recent area activity. 2 vehicles had passed over mine previously.




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