INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


21 April 1971


    210625H, YD168708. Scts/1-61 observed and engaged with organic weapons 8 NVA moving North. Arty block fire was used and an area sweep produced 1 NVA KIA, 1 AK-47, 2 Chicom grenades and miscellaneous documents.


    211015H, YD093688. B/1-77. M48A1 detonated 2 stacked TM-41 mines blowing off 2 roadwheels - - negative casualties. No recent area activity.


    211700H, YD079689. A/1-61. A Bde Avn UH1H spotted 30-40 personnel in an open area and received 51 cal MG fire. Arty was employed and D/3-5 took fire. An airstrike resulted in 7 bunkers destroyed. C/1-61 and A/3-5 swept the area and received fire, moving back to employ Arty once again with unknown results. 1 US WIA.


22 April 1971


    221105H, XD780532. D/3-5 team spotted 10 NVA in open and engaged resulting in 4 NVA KBA.


23 April 1971


    230830H, YD148706. C/3-5. M551 detonated pressure activated PM-60 buried in tank trail blowing off 2 roadwheels and putting hole in bottom of tank - - negative casualties. Area not swept prior to incident - - no recent area activity. On recon opn an M578 detonated a pressure activated PM-60 blowing off 2 roadwheels and track - - negative casualties. Area was swept prior to incident. No recent area activity.


    230923H, XD326434. Flame Plt/3-5. Track detonated pressure activated 25-30 pound plastic mine, blowing off right front final drive, 2 roadwheels and cracking hull - - 1 US WIA. Mine sweep made prior to incident. No recent area activity.


    231153H, YD152715. C/3-5 found 2 freshly planted TM-41 mines buried at tank trail intersection. Mines were destroyed in place.


    231800H, XD932501. Ranger Team 15 observed 10 NVA 600 meters East of their location. D/3-5 observed same and engaged area, receiving AK-47 fire with negative hits.


24 April 1971


    240944H, YD123616. 2/A/1-77. M48 hit unknown size mine blowing 2 roadwheels off - - negative casualties.


    240935H, YD295492. B/5-4. M548 hit 105mm round damaging oil pan and engine support beam - - negative casualties. 1x 105 shell was found near track preventing vehicle recovery. EOD and mine-sweep team were requested - - vehicle recovered at 241407H.




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